Gavin’s Pirate party

I wanted to do a simple, small party for Gavin.  John’s parents were visiting and we had the missionaries in our ward over for dinner and just had hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill! Simple and fun.  We had some activities for the girls, like tattoos, eye patches, and pirate hats, John made a treasure map and we buried some gold coins, and of course, a pinata since Kiley insisted.DSC_0003 DSC_0006 DSC_0004 DSC_0009 DSC_0012 DSC_0014 DSC_0015 DSC_0022 DSC_0023 DSC_0028

Earlier in the day, we went to the Denver Zoo and to the kid’s favorite park right next to the zoo.  We also drove around Downtown Denver so that John’s parents could take a trip down memory lane and we found the house where John lived when he was a baby.  We were all worn out, but I had to throw a little party.  There is no way that I could let my favorite boy’s first birthday go by without a party!


Mr. Gavin is one year old!

The day I have been dreading is here- my sweet Gavin is one year old today!  The first birthday is the hardest for me- going through this 2 other times I know that toddler-hood is not a walk in the park and I am especially dreading it since Gavin was such a dream baby.  I know a day will come when he won’t grab me around my neck and give me those big slobbery baby kisses.  I am so excited to see the boy that he will become, but I miss my baby boy! Here is a look back:01234567891011DSC_0001

At one year old, he is walking everywhere.  He has 6 teeth, with 2 more about to bust in.  He doesn’t talk to0 much, but he babbles a lot and his first word was “Hi!”  He loooooooooves his momma, more so than any baby I have had before him.  He only wants me and he will let you know that.  He is super friendly to other people, though, as long as I am with him.  He is the sweetest little boy and I really hope he stays that way!

This poor kid was put through the ringer his first year of life.  I am pretty sure Heavenly Father knew his sweet spirit was needed during this incredible transition in our family’s life.  Days before he was born, John started his job in Colorado, though he was working from home.  I knew a move was imminent,  so along with the normal post-birth hormones, I was a mess emotionally knowing I was going to have to put my first house on the market and figure out a cross-country move with 3 children under 6.  You guys, I was a wreck.  He saved me more than once with his sweet smiles and big hugs around my neck.

He is truly one in a million and I can’t wait to see the boy that he becomes!