DSC_0002 DSC_0010 IMG_5250 SS_MERRITT SQ_20141203_000009 IMG_5249 DSC_0064 DSC_0021 DSC_0062 IMG_5253 IMG_5252 IMG_5251 IMG_5248DSC_0017Kiley is done with Kindergarten!  What a year it has been for my little girl!  She has been through so many changes and has worked through them with a smile.  A month and a half before she started school, her brother was born.  Then she had to deal with me being crazy as we sold our house.  She went from hating going to school to crying hysterically when we sold our house in October and she had to leave her teacher and her friends.  Then she put up with the crazy-ness of virtual school for 4 months while we were in transition.  Finally, she settled into her new school in Colorado and has loved every minute of being with her friends and her fantastic teacher.  I am so happy she can finally put roots down and make some great friends.  She has excelled academically and is reading fantastically.  She is so sensitive and cried over something almost everyday, but she has the sweetest little heart. I am so excited to see what she has ahead of her!


Florida trip!

Last week we went to Florida!IMG_5032I was so nervous about flying with the kids, but they did pretty good.  We flew Denver to Atlanta and then Atlanta to Jacksonville.  Gavin didn’t sleep on the plane, but he thoroughly enjoyed his nap at the airport!IMG_5035   My sister was getting married and I was the maid of honor and the girls were the flower girls.  Thursday I got my nails done (without the kids! Wooo!) and that night we went to this delicious Chicago style pizza place on the river.

FullSizeRender_1After dinner, I went to the lingerie shower for my sister, which was HILARIOUS.  No strippers involved, thank goodness!

Friday was the bridal luncheon and then the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  My girls donned their official wedding apparel:

FullSizeRenderRehearsal was interesting because I had no idea what Bryn would do.  She would either refuse to walk down the aisle or dance down the aisle.  She is totally a 3 year old!  She did great, except she kept walking up the steps to where I was standing and stage whispering: “Mommy I need to tell you a secret!” while Kiley sat in the front row and pretend cried and then looked up and said “These are happy tears!” Never a dull moment with these kids! The rehearsal dinner was at a local dinner that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Network.  I had chicken and waffles, which has always confused me, and it was good!  We stayed entirely too late and my kids were bouncing off the walls.  Poor Gavin’s schedule got so messed up during the trip!

Saturday was the big day!  I got to the church and had my hair and makeup done:

IMG_5054That took a lot of time and product to look that good!

The weather was bad- so humid and rainy.  My sister wanted to take a majority of the pictures before the ceremony (which was time saving so we could get to the reception) but we were dodging rain.  I grabbed some personal fans and I would fan her off in between pictures.  The glamorous job of the maid of honor!

IMG_5056IMG_5058IMG_5063My kids sure do clean up good, don’t they?  The ceremony was beautiful.  Unbeknownst to Jenny, as she was walking down the aisle, phones were going off that there was a tornado warning for the area!  Crazy!  My girls did their flower girl job just great, except for when Bryn dumped all her petals out first and then tried to pick them back up.  When she got down the aisle, she did come up to me to talk to me, so I kept her with me until my sister started walking down the aisle and then I made her get down and the wedding coordinator took the girls into a play room (John was with Gavin, who was asleep, so they missed the whole ceremony!)  FullSizeRenderThe reception was at the hotel we were staying at, so I got all the kids dinner and then sent John up with Gavin and I was just going to let the girls go as long as they wanted.  Kiley was next, so I took her up to the room.  Bryn wanted to keep dancing!  She was the hit of the dance floor!

The next day we got up and drive to Tallahassee to spend a couple of days with John’s parents.  It was fun to watch all the cousins playing together!FullSizeRender_1Of course, I had to get some girl time in.  I miss them so much!IMG_5095The next day we met some friends for lunch and Kiley and Natalie chatted away like little old ladies.  These kids are such great friends!IMG_5097IMG_5101        We drove back to Jacksonville and met my parents there to spend some time with them before we left the next day.  Wednesday we were homebound!FullSizeRenderThe kids did great again, especially Gavin.  That sweet boy slept the whole way from Atlanta to Denver.  It was a miracle!

With all the traveling and weird sleeping hours, someone was bound to get sick and that was Gavin. He spiked a 104 fever with meds, so I felt in my gut that I needed to take him in.  Unfortunately, this was after hours, so we headed to urgent care last night and were there for 2 hours while they performed various tests on him to see what was wrong.  The prognosis was probably a virus, but there was some swelling in his bronchial tubes (by the way, holding down a wiggly baby for a chest x-ray and RSV test is not fun!), so the doctor prescribed some antibiotics to keep any infection at bay.  His fever has gone down today but he is still warm and has projectile vomited on me after eating a couple of times.  The fun part?  Now I am feeling sick!

I hope we can get back in the routine of things this week.  Just in time for summer break!