So my crazy 3 year old stuck a Lego up her nose…

On the Wednesday of Spring Break we were going to take the kids to see Cinderella and go shopping since it is impossible for me to do that by myself and Esther was here for one more day.  Bryn had other plans!  While she was eating lunch, I saw a little Lego that came from her new Sleeping Beauty set on the floor.  In order to save Gavin from swallowing it, I put it on the table next to Bryn and went about my business.  A little bit later, Bryn starts crying and refuses to tell us why.  Leave it to big sister Kiley to tattle on her and thank goodness she did!  We tried for about an hour to get it out ourselves, but Bryn wouldn’t blow out of her nose, she would only suck in.  It was so frustrating to try to explain to a 3 year old how to do something when she doesn’t want to.  Finally, I made the decision to take her to the local ER/urgent care.  My only complaint about them was when I was checking her in, the doctor heard me telling the nurse why I brought her in and she said very condescendingly, “Well, did you try having her blow her nose?”  Ummm…no.  I just want to take my 3 year old to the ER and pay a huge amount of money for a silly Lego.  Come on!  I had obviously exhausted all of my options!IMG_4959 IMG_4960But other than that, they were great.  We were the only ones there so Bryn was the main attraction for the nurses and she kept telling them when they would ask why she stuck the Lego up her nose “I thought it would be funny!” We attempted a sort of CPR to try to dislodge it.  When they male nurse decided I wasn’t cutting it, he asked permission to try to do mouth to mouth, which was a little weird and he ended up with snot all over him and the Lego didn’t budge.  Then the doctor tried a very high tech method- unwinding a paper clip and sticking it in Bryn’s nose- I KNOW!  It was terrifying.  They came to the conclusion that we needed to go to the ENT and they were on the phone, making us an appointment for that day.  I went to check out and they said it would be $250 and I was appalled- they didn’t even solve my problem!  But then the doctor came around and said they weren’t going to charge me- phew!

So later that afternoon we went to the ENT and he put various tools and devices up Bryn’s nose and still couldn’t get it.  Good thing he knew when to say when because he could have easily pushed the Lego into her sinus cavities and then we would have had a HUGE problem.  He told me he would have to put her to sleep and to do that, she would have to go to the hospital the next morning at 6.

I was so scared and I couldn’t believe this was happening over a tiny Lego!

IMG_4962Thursday morning I woke Bryn up bright and early and the first thing she asked for was breakfast, which she couldn’t have.  We got to the surgery center and they got us right in and Bryn was in good spirits, bouncing around the room.  The nurses all loved having her because I think this place mainly does colonoscopies, so a Lego up the nose of a pre-schooler was a welcome change!

IMG_4965Then I had to leave her and let the anesthesiologist do his work.  I went to wait and less than 30 minutes later, the doctor came to get me and told me he is so glad he didn’t push her yesterday because it could have gone very badly.  Then I heard screaming and Bryn was mad as a hornet that they took the IV out.  They said that usually kids are very very angry when they come out of their sleep, so they expected this.  I got her some apple juice and she calmed down, but was still very very cranky.  She requested a pink donut, so I took her home to rest and went and got donuts for all of us- we deserved it! 

IMG_4966 IMG_4967The $250 Lego!

So thankful for doctors and nurses who know how to handle situations like this- I hope we never have to deal with something like this again!


Spring Break!

IMG_4924 Kiley had Spring Break the week after Easter.  Aunt Esther came to visit during that time, too! On Easter Sunday, we drove up to Estes Park, which was absolutely beautiful.  We drove by the Stanley hotel, where the move “The Shining” was filmed, my favorite horror movie before I had kids and now I can’t tolerate any sort of suspenseful, thrilling movie.IMG_4930

Bryn enjoyed the horse saddle seats in the ice cream parlorIMG_4932 IMG_4934Aunt Esther and the kids!

The next day we went into Boulder to see John’s office and walk around the very interesting Pearl Street mall.  We went to a pizza place for dinner and Bryn was just done.IMG_4942 On Tuesday, we went to the Denver Zoo.  I am so excited that it is an actual zoo as opposed to woods with native animals in it like the Tallahassee Zoo.IMG_4944They have peacocks just walking around and they were so beautiful! IMG_4946 The girls did so good walking around, but they needed lots of rest. IMG_4949 IMG_4950 IMG_4951 Carousel!IMG_4953 IMG_4955Bryn was so excited to ride the train ever since she saw it last time we went to the zoo, so we had to do it this time.

And that was about it for the fun times on Spring Break.  The next 2 days were spent caring fro Bryn at the ER and at an outpatient surgery center, which deserves it’s own post!