I was born in California, but have lived in Florida my whole life, so I had zero experience with snow. Sure, I have seen it, but I have never seen snow actually falling.  I knew we would get some snow at some point while we are living here and I was totally unprepared!

DSC_0007Bryn enjoyed just walking around in it but not touching it.

On Wednesday of last week, I woke up and saw about 4-5 inches of snow on the ground!  I woke up the girls and we rushed to get ready for school (the bell rings at 8:10 and we are always cutting it close due to Kiley not being a morning person at all!).  They wanted time to play in the snow before we left and I really wanted to make sure to give myself time to get there since I have never driven in snow before!  They played for a minute and then we left and my car did not like the snow one bit.  I was slip sliding everywhere!  It was very nerve-wracking.  We finally made it to school and Kiley insisted that I walk her in.  It was still snowing, so I got all 3 kids out (who were all bundled up like marshmallows) and we carefully walked through the parking lot and into school.  We get to her classroom where I am informed that on the first Wednesdays of the month, the school has a half day and on those days, there is no morning kindergarten.  What?! So I hustled everyone out into the snow for nothing?  I was so annoyed and quite frankly, ready for a nap.  Since we were out, I needed some groceries so we stopped at the store where the girls proceeded to throw snow balls at each other in the parking lot while I was trying to herd them into the store.


I was so happy to get home and just watch the girls play while Gavin napped.  We built a very small and funny looking snowman and Kiley made a snow angel.  The girls then stomped all through my house with their wet and muddy shoes.  (I have since purchased boots for the girls because sneakers aren’t cutting it!)


The next day was 65 degrees.  Go figure!


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