The long journey west

We left Titusville on Friday, January 23 to give us a week to get out to Colorado for closing on our house.  For weeks before, I was trying to find things to keep the girls busy, searching the dollar store, the Target dollar spot, and Amazon.  My plan was to wrap everything and every couple of hours, give the girls a “present” to keep them excited.  It was great!  But by far the best thing I bought was a $5 Super Mario Brothers show DVD (from the ’80s!).  The girls watched it the. entire. trip.  Seriously, it was crazy.


Friday was our easiest day.  We went up to Tallahassee to see family and the girls had a nice “picnic lunch” with cousin Bekah.


Day 2: We left to visit more family in Huntsville.  That drive is a little tougher because it is longer, about 6.5-7 hours.  It takes us longer because I have to stop and feed Gavin.

Day 3:  We knew this would be the longest, toughest day.  We went from Huntsville to visit friends who just moved to Rogers, Arkansas.  My map said 9 hours, but it really ended up being 10.  Right before we passed into Mississippi from Alabama, we saw this weird tree with shoes thrown on it.  We did some research and apparently these things pop up randomly across the country.  Someone just throws their shoes up there and sometimes, people join in.  Pretty cool!

  IMG_4225 We were so happy to get to Arkansas and see our friends.  We planned an extra rest day into the trip, so John worked and Kim and I took the kids to this super fun indoor trampoline park.  We were basically the only ones there and the girls enjoyed jumping around after being cooped up in the car.

IMG_4295Day 5: We left Arkansas and headed to Wichita, which was only about 4 hours but it was all back roads and super boring.  Our hotel was right next to a little shopping plaza, so I took the girls and we went and walked around while Gavin took a nap.

Day 6:  We got up nice and early and drove the last leg to Colorado!  Kansas was so boring, but the kids (and us!) got a kick out of the wind farms.  Seeing all of the wind turbines was pretty cool!  Crossing into Colorado was crazy.  We couldn’t believe we were actually there!  I was driving and I kept getting attacked by tumbleweeds!  Even though they had fences up to stop them, those suckers would get through and go all over the highway.

We finally got to the hotel and we were all so exhausted!  We are still getting used to mountain time.  Today the kids slept until 6:30 instead of 5 am! Woohoo!


Our goal was to get all the state signs we saw in a picture.  Well, Oklahoma and Missouri snuck up on us, so we didn’t get them. Next time (ha!)


Next up: Closing on our new home!


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