No bake Peanut Butter bars (aka why I am not loosing weight despite my daily work out)


You guys. These things are so good. I can’t stop eating them.  They taste just like Reese’s peanut butter bars, so be forewarned that you will want to eat all of them in one sitting.  Trust me, you will be sick if you do that! (Not like I know from experience or anything)

Recipe taken from

I don’t really measure, I kind of eye ball things, but here are the actual measurements for you:

1.5 cups crushed graham cracker crumbs

1.5 cups creamy peanut butter

1 lb powdered sugar

1 cup (2 sticks) butter, melted

1 16 oz bag semi sweet chocolate chips

Combine first 4 ingredients and press into a 13×9 pan covered in parchment or wax paper.  Microwave chocolate chips with a small spoonful of peanut butter (to help with the hardening of the chocolate) for 30 second intervals until smooth.  Pour and smooth on top of peanut butter crust and pop in the fridge for an hour or so.  Cut into bars and store.

Sorry about the weight gain!


Growing pains

Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks that we have been living in Colorado. Seems super long and incredibly short at the same time!  We have been adjusting well, the kids remarkably so!  I think that I have had the hardest time.

Our backyard won't have grass until the spring, but the girls sure love playing in the dirt!

Our backyard won’t have grass until the spring, but the girls sure love playing in the dirt!

Moving here means that for the first time in 3+ years, John will be going into an office everyday.  That in itself was a huge adjustment to me because I had been quite spoiled having an extra hand every once and awhile.  It also meant he saw the kids and me on his lunch break so I got some adult conversation. I haven’t made any friends yet (met some nice people, but friendships don’t happen automatically!) so I can go an entire day with no adult contact until John gets home right at dinner time.  That is difficult!

It is no Publix, but our local grocery store has a fun horse you can ride for a penny!

It is no Publix, but our local grocery store has a fun horse you can ride for a penny!

I miss my friends so much and I miss the quick text of “Hey, let’s meet up at Chick-fil-a and let the kids play and we can chat” I know I will get there, but it is rough.

Valentine's Tea Party at Kiley's school (Yes, they served actual tea to kindergarteners.  Kiley didn't even try it!)

Valentine’s Tea Party at Kiley’s school (Yes, they served actual tea to kindergarteners. Kiley didn’t even try it!)

With the up and down weather, we have all had a consistently runny nose and cough. Poor Gavin had it the worse- it resulted in a double ear infection (a first in my family!) with a fever spike of 104.4. I thought for sure I was going to have to take him to the hospital! This was when it was hard to be away from family because if I did end up taking him to the hospital, all the kids had to come. Thankfully, he was able to get on meds and he cleared right up!

Another snow day on President's Day!

Another snow day on President’s Day!

We have had a little more snow, but nothing compared to what we are supposed to get this weekend. I have quickly learned that my girl’s snow attire is not sufficient and that when snow melts, the dirt just cakes onto your shoes and will not come off! That is fun to clean!

Gavin's new trick.  He is so proud of himself!

Gavin’s new trick. He is so proud of himself!

Kiley is somewhat enjoying school. She is only there for 3 hours, but she said it is all boring work. I think since they are there for such a short amount of time, they do barely any playing, except for recess. When she was in all day kindergarten, they had center time and computer time and things like that, but I think they just run out of time. We are teasing her like crazy because she can’t remember any of her friend’s names!


I was born in California, but have lived in Florida my whole life, so I had zero experience with snow. Sure, I have seen it, but I have never seen snow actually falling.  I knew we would get some snow at some point while we are living here and I was totally unprepared!

DSC_0007Bryn enjoyed just walking around in it but not touching it.

On Wednesday of last week, I woke up and saw about 4-5 inches of snow on the ground!  I woke up the girls and we rushed to get ready for school (the bell rings at 8:10 and we are always cutting it close due to Kiley not being a morning person at all!).  They wanted time to play in the snow before we left and I really wanted to make sure to give myself time to get there since I have never driven in snow before!  They played for a minute and then we left and my car did not like the snow one bit.  I was slip sliding everywhere!  It was very nerve-wracking.  We finally made it to school and Kiley insisted that I walk her in.  It was still snowing, so I got all 3 kids out (who were all bundled up like marshmallows) and we carefully walked through the parking lot and into school.  We get to her classroom where I am informed that on the first Wednesdays of the month, the school has a half day and on those days, there is no morning kindergarten.  What?! So I hustled everyone out into the snow for nothing?  I was so annoyed and quite frankly, ready for a nap.  Since we were out, I needed some groceries so we stopped at the store where the girls proceeded to throw snow balls at each other in the parking lot while I was trying to herd them into the store.


I was so happy to get home and just watch the girls play while Gavin napped.  We built a very small and funny looking snowman and Kiley made a snow angel.  The girls then stomped all through my house with their wet and muddy shoes.  (I have since purchased boots for the girls because sneakers aren’t cutting it!)


The next day was 65 degrees.  Go figure!

The long journey west

We left Titusville on Friday, January 23 to give us a week to get out to Colorado for closing on our house.  For weeks before, I was trying to find things to keep the girls busy, searching the dollar store, the Target dollar spot, and Amazon.  My plan was to wrap everything and every couple of hours, give the girls a “present” to keep them excited.  It was great!  But by far the best thing I bought was a $5 Super Mario Brothers show DVD (from the ’80s!).  The girls watched it the. entire. trip.  Seriously, it was crazy.


Friday was our easiest day.  We went up to Tallahassee to see family and the girls had a nice “picnic lunch” with cousin Bekah.


Day 2: We left to visit more family in Huntsville.  That drive is a little tougher because it is longer, about 6.5-7 hours.  It takes us longer because I have to stop and feed Gavin.

Day 3:  We knew this would be the longest, toughest day.  We went from Huntsville to visit friends who just moved to Rogers, Arkansas.  My map said 9 hours, but it really ended up being 10.  Right before we passed into Mississippi from Alabama, we saw this weird tree with shoes thrown on it.  We did some research and apparently these things pop up randomly across the country.  Someone just throws their shoes up there and sometimes, people join in.  Pretty cool!

  IMG_4225 We were so happy to get to Arkansas and see our friends.  We planned an extra rest day into the trip, so John worked and Kim and I took the kids to this super fun indoor trampoline park.  We were basically the only ones there and the girls enjoyed jumping around after being cooped up in the car.

IMG_4295Day 5: We left Arkansas and headed to Wichita, which was only about 4 hours but it was all back roads and super boring.  Our hotel was right next to a little shopping plaza, so I took the girls and we went and walked around while Gavin took a nap.

Day 6:  We got up nice and early and drove the last leg to Colorado!  Kansas was so boring, but the kids (and us!) got a kick out of the wind farms.  Seeing all of the wind turbines was pretty cool!  Crossing into Colorado was crazy.  We couldn’t believe we were actually there!  I was driving and I kept getting attacked by tumbleweeds!  Even though they had fences up to stop them, those suckers would get through and go all over the highway.

We finally got to the hotel and we were all so exhausted!  We are still getting used to mountain time.  Today the kids slept until 6:30 instead of 5 am! Woohoo!


Our goal was to get all the state signs we saw in a picture.  Well, Oklahoma and Missouri snuck up on us, so we didn’t get them. Next time (ha!)


Next up: Closing on our new home!